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Sports Mouthguards in Albany

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Smile Protection for Athletes

Using premium sports mouthguards from our Albany dentist helps provide a cushion of support for your teeth. So you can enjoy your favourite sports without worry.

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All About Sports Mouthguards

Whether you are an athlete that plays sports regularly or you enjoy it as a pastime, our dentists in Albany encourage the use of sports mouthguards. This protects your teeth while playing so that if an untoward incident occurs and you encounter an accidental strike on your face, the mouthguard receives the impact and prevents large-scale damage.

High-quality sports mouthguards from our Albany clinic are lightweight yet functional, so they can serve their purpose of preserving teeth and keeping your smile looking beautiful and healthy.


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Protection from Sporting Injuries

Getting a custom sports mouthguard in Albany is encouraged for people who play contact sports. Here’s how you can expect a top-quality athletic mouthguard to be:

Good quality mouth guards are custom-designed using a thin yet durable plastic material that can withstand heavy and direct forces.

A custom sports mouthguard made at our Albany clinic has the most accurate and adapted fit for comfort and safety assurance.

Aside from your teeth, a mouth guard is also an excellent protective appliance to prevent damage to your gums, tongue, and jaws.

Dentist for Sports Mouth Guards

Interested in learning about sports mouthguards in Albany? Call Amity Dental Centre today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help further protect your smile.

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