payment plans
payment plans

Payments, Funds and your Dental Dollar

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Are you concerned about increasing Health Fund

HiCaps allows for immediate health fund rebates Vets Affairs patients are welcome here

payment plans

Payments, Funds and your Dental Dollar

  • We can give you an estimate of costs which may vary depending on different types of treatment plans, but we need to see you first to give you the most accurate estimate.

  • We can arrange appointments to suit your timetable, commitments and budget.

  • We have HiCaps for immediate Health Fund Rebates.

  • We treat Veterans Affairs Patients.

  • We treat children eligible under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS – Medicare rebate).

  • We offer ZipPay, for comfortable, interest-free payment of your treatment.

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Regular checks and if needed preventative appointments are the best way to minimise the risk of future problems.

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