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ClearCorrect Clear Aligners

Looking for clear aligner treatments to straighten your teeth? Albany dentist Dr Nohra is highly experienced in clear aligner therapy with ClearCorrect, the modern, discreet and affordable option!

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What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners, such as Clear Correct in Albany, are removable orthodontic treatments that do away with conventional brackets and wiring in favour of virtually invisible clear plastic trays. Designed to be worn over the teeth like a mouthguard, they are more comfortable to wear than fixed braces and are more discreet. ClearCorrect in Albany is typically used for mild to moderate teeth misalignments and relapse from previous procedures. 


The digital interaction of brands like ClearCorrect helps our dentist in Albany to provide predictable results and allows you to preview your future smile before the procedure even begins.


There are several benefits in choosing clear aligners in Albany, such as:
- They help with your oral health - straight teeth are easier to clean

  • They are removable, allowing you to eat comfortably
  • They are discreet, only you will know you are wearing them

Each person is different, and so are their dental needs. You need an experienced dentist, that can assess your oral health and your dental challenges, discuss your desired goals with you, and propose the available options. Here’s where Dr Nohra can help! he is very knowledgeable in clear aligners treatments, and after examining your teeth, he will advise you what is the optimal strategy for your case and if clear aligners in Albany is the right solution for you.

Living with ClearCorrect Braces

Living with ClearCorrect is easy. From teens to adult patients, the reasons why many love ClearCorrect in Albany are:

ClearCorrect treatment is a virtually invisible process, so others won’t even notice that you’re wearing any until after finishing treatment, when you can flaunt your new smile.

You can live life uninterrupted. Progress checks for ClearCorrect with our Albany dentist are done every eight weeks.

ClearCorrect aligners are easily removable, making it easier for you to practice a good oral care routine. Extra steps and equipment are not necessary.

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For safe and effective treatment with ClearCorrect, Albany-based Amity Dental Centre is the go-to destination. Schedule your initial consultation with our experienced dentist today.

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