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Albany Braces For Straight Teeth

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Dental Braces to Straighten Your Smile

In Albany, braces are recommended as an excellent orthodontic treatment. They’re cost-effective and work for most patients and teeth misalignments.

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Treatment with Dental Braces

Conventional dental braces in Albany use metal brackets and wires fixed to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. Metal-style brackets and wires can sometimes be traded for tooth-coloured versions for a more discreet look. Either way, the archwires are threaded through the brackets, and small rubbers secure the bracket and the wire together. 


To check on your progress, our dentist will need to see you regularly (usually every month) for bracket adjustment to tighten them. Tightening ensures that force remains constant and your teeth continue to move into alignment until perfectly straight.


Any braces discomfort is typically felt within the first two weeks after the initial placement or after visiting our dentist in Albany for dental braces adjustment. Any discomfort should gradually disappear soon after.

At our Albany clinic, orthodontic braces require the use of retainers after treatment ends. Retainers are essential to prevent the teeth from shifting back (relapsing) once your braces are removed from the teeth and should be worn daily.

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, any age is a good time to visit our orthodontic dentist. Generally, it’s recommended that children first visit an orthodontic dentist around the age of 7, but braces in Albany aren’t restricted to children and teens. Adults of any age can straighten their teeth with braces.

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General Dentistry

Our dentist in Albany is highly skilled in all aspects of general dentistry, including root canal treatment, dental check-ups, tooth fillings, and hygiene cleaning.

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Oral surgery

Using the latest technology and techniques, our Albany dentist is adept in oral surgery, including gentle wisdom tooth extractions, bone augmentation, and dental implants here in Albany, WA.

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Using the latest fixed braces and removable clear aligners such as Invisalign, we help Albany patients get their smiles back on track.

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Cosmetic dentistry

Need a cosmetic dentist? Albany residents can get all the treatment they need without going anywhere else. Treatments include the latest porcelain veneers and professional teeth whitening.

Why are braces needed?

Fixed orthodontic braces in Albany treat a wide range of simple or severe problems involving the misalignment of teeth and the positioning of the bite. Benefits of straight teeth include:

Teeth are used to bite and chew on food to aid digestion. Chewing is better done with a straight set of teeth.

With our fixed Albany braces, you can avoid lisping and poor pronunciation of words which are common problems of people with crooked or gapped teeth.

Your oral hygiene routine is better carried out when your teeth align properly. Teeth can be brushed and flossed more efficiently, thus promoting good oral health.

Orthodontic Braces For a Beautiful Smile

Schedule an appointment today at our Albany clinic. Braces can fix a variety of bite problems, so you don’t have to put up with a crooked smile. Get in touch!

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